Before you decide to give up your Dane…

Many times people believe they must give up their dog because they do not know how to handle a particular issue.
Please check our resources page for solutions to common problems.   You can also contact us for suggestions.  We are always very happy to help good owners who are trying keep their dogs.

If you decide you must surrender your Dane …

If you’ve determined that you must surrender your dog, you have several options. Please follow this link for an online form with information you can provide to help us with your situation.

Please note: MAGDRL does not have a kennel/shelter facility.  We are a network of foster homes and we are ALL volunteers who donate their time and resources to this cause. We do not do immediate-intake, and we are unfortunately not able to take every dog. However, if we are not able to find a foster home for your dog, we may be able to offer you some other leads.

If you are trying to get help for a Dane that is not yours, please click here.