There is so much information available on Great Danes and related topics. This page will link you to a few organizations that we work with and related information. Keep in mind that by linking to these pages, we are in no way endorsing these organizations. These are for informational purposes only.

Breed Information

Great Dane Club of America (GDCA)

American Kennel Club – Great Dane

Wikipedia – Great Dane

Pet Wave – Great Dane

Training Information

Peaceable Paws Dog & Puppy Training
This site offers a wide range of helpful information, including articles on many types of behavior issues and a list of Pat Miller certified trainers.

2 Speak Dog

Healthy Dog Information

Senior Pet Health & Wellness Guide

Why my dog licks their paws- a good article on allergies
Other Information

Home Safety Guide for Pet Owners
A pet safety guide, which includes chapters on common household hazards for pets, food safety for pets, pet-proofing, and natural disaster preparation for pet owners.

Moving with Pets Guide
A resource guide that includes the state importation regulations for the most common household pets. We created a state-by-state interactive map that allows pet owners to easily view the specific veterinary health certificates, permits and vaccinations that are required to move their pet to a new state.

Pet Safety – A Review of Pet Safety at Home and Out of Town
A guide for pet safety at home, outdoors, when traveling and during natural disasters.

Pet Cost Guide 2016
This is a comprehensive resource to help people not only understand, but to quantify the real cost of pet ownership. Often times, people are enamored with the idea of having a cute animal, but are unaware of the costs that are associated with taking care of a pet and being a responsible pet owner.
From basics to logistics, the costs can add up quickly. This guide not only identifies common expenses, but provides helpful cost management strategies including a calculator to help estimate pet ownership costs. The hope is that more people will make smarter, well informed decisions when buying a pet so every animal can receive the love and care it deserves.