Thank you for considering adoption of a Great Dane rescue!

If you’re interested in adopting, please contact us NOW, not just when you read about the perfect Dane.

When new Danes come in, we look at our approved adopters to see if there are any potential matches, even before we post the Dane online. For that reason, many of the Danes listed on our website already have lines. At the same time, other Danes may have become orphans and are not yet listed, and they may be the right one for you.

Please note:

• We do not put people “in line” for a dog until their application has been approved – that would not be fair to the orphan who is eagerly awaiting his forever home.
• We don’t operate a shelter – we are a network of foster homes throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. For this reason, we require an approved application before meeting dogs.
• Once approved, you can adopt from any chapter, but our adoption application is handled by the state chapter where you live. Please click here to find the contact info for our other chapters.

To get started:

Please review the information in this link and complete the online form.